The whole physical and mental relaxation experience is completed by harmonic soft music, essential oils
and delicate massage techniques.

– Massage for Body and Soul! –

Massage prices

Our 30, 60 and 90 minute massage programs provide you with the experience of complete relaxation. We offer you and your family a wide range of massage services. With the help of our experts, you can choose what kind of massage you need.


8000 HUF


12000 HUF


17000 HUF

Muscle regenerating Swedish massage (back-full body)

Select from:  30′  60′  90′

Refreshing Swedish relaxing massage (back-full body)

Select from:  30′  60′  90′

Painless vital massage (rubber sheath, back-full body)

Select from:  30′  60′  90′

Tibetan honey massage (back-full body)

Select from:  60′  90′

Maternity massage (back-full body)

Select from:  30′  60′  90′

Refreshing foot massage

Select from:  30′

Foot diagnostics (detoxifying foot massage)

Select from:  60′  90′

Foot Chakra Massage

Select from:  60′  90′

Reflex zone face-head massage

Select from:  30′

Japanese facial firming massage

Select from:  30′  60′

Manager chair massage

Select from:  30′  60′  90′

Opening hours

Massage parlour opening hours: Everyday: 8am-8pm
Appointments only! Booking at the reception desk every day between 08:00am and 08:00pm!

You don’t need to be a hotel guest to attend a session.
Prior booking is always required at the hotel reception or by calling 0036/20 402-7746.